Eagles or Bars?

Q: Which is the better investment tool, Eagles or bars?

A: It’s important to know how metals are priced to understand which investment form is the best option for you. Gold and Silver Eagles have small markup marggold eagles, silver eagles, bars vs eaglesins, and are generally an all-around safe investment.

Price Breakdown

Let’s say the spot price for gold is $1,800 per ounce. The mint and production premium is about 3.5%, and a fair dealer markup is about 3% for one or two coins (larger amounts would generally result in a lower markup by the dealer). Therefore, a fair price to pay would be $1,800 + $63 + $56, or $1,919 per coin.

Eagles vs. Coins & Bars

The reason we recommend Eagles instead of bars or coins is because of the incredibly high liquidity they have. Gold and Silver Eagles are easy to sell anywhere in the world very quickly. They’re well known and trusted.

You’ll pay a little bit more when you buy the Eagles than you would for a bar or coin, but you’ll also get most of that premium back when you sell the Eagles to a dealer or another party.

Any well-known bullion is fine to purchase for your gold and silver portfolio. Our preference is the Eagle and the Maple Leaf, because of their worldwide recognition and acceptance compared to other, lesser known forms of bullion.

A great choice for you if you’d like a gold bar is the Suisse Pamp, which is very well known, very liquid, and has only a small markup. These are very popular with our clients.