Selling Your Gold & Silver

We buy just about anything with gold or silver, including any gold or silver bars or coins, jewelry or scrap.

We pay more than anyone else and we take care of the entire process, making it EASY for you to turn your stuff into CASH.

  1. Call us

    Call 1-800-846-6280 and ask for Damion.

  2. Tell us what you want to sell

    If you have coins or bars I can give you an exact price on the phone and lock you on the spot.  If it’s scrap or jewelry I’ll give you a rough idea and can lock the spot price I’ll pay you.  That means that once I receive your stuff I’ll measure the amount of gold and silver and compute what I’m paying you based on the spot price when we locked the sale.  No matter what the market does between when we lock and when I receive your package you have no exposure.

  3. Shipping your stuff to us

    Once we lock I’ll email a prepaid label for you to use to ship your stuff to us via UPS Overnight.  It will be your job to package the items up in a secure box and drop them off at a UPS store within 48 hours of locking your sale to us.  Your package is fully insured all the way from the UPS store to our facility.

  4. Getting PAID

    Once we receive your package we will review the contents and verify they match the transaction we discussed on the phone.  We will call you to confirm all items were received and if there are any discrepancies we will be alert you to this so we can resolve the issue.

  5. Once I personally review your package and authorize payment my team will Fedex a check to you or if you’ve provided us with wire information we will wire funds to you within 1 day.  Both of these payment options are complimentary.