What do I need to know to start investing?

investing problems, how self invest, investing confusionQ: How complicated is investing? Can I teach myself?

A: Stocks and bonds are much trickier than gold and silver, but Wall Street has brainwashed the population to believe these paper assets are safer and better to invest in. In reality, stocks require a lot of education to figure out what to buy, what a company’s financials mean, the quality of management, trends in the equity market, and future profit expectations. If that’s your route, you’ll need an advisor.

But with gold and silver, you just need to know how to purchase it, where to store it, how to insure it, and how to find a great dealer. In The Quick & Dirty Guide to the Q.R.P., we cover everything a self-investor should ever need to know to invest in physical metals. Armed with the knowledge of basic principles, you’ll know the economy has problems, the dollar is falling in value, and that it’s your responsibility to take care of your own financial future. No politician or financial advisor is going to save you, no matter how many claim they will.

This is enough to get started hedging with gold and silver.

You have two options for precious metals:

  • The first option will make you crazy and stress you out. You can watch the market every day and try to time everything perfectly based on day-to-day gyrations in the commodity world.
  • A better, sounder, and more peaceful option is to use gold and silver as a nest egg that will continue growing on average as long as you own it. Yes, there will be times that the price dips, but the long-term history is clear: gold and silver continue to increase in value, especially as fiat currencies are mass printed.