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Interest Rate Cuts Looming, Bankruptcies Spiking, and Unemployment Becoming Critical

Inflation is no longer the single metric impacting rate cut decisions as cracks begin to show
Taylor Huff
July 11, 2024

Market Alert: Is this Silver's Golden Moment

In Gold We Trust Report, Silver's 12-year high and Russia + China's joint statement criticizing the US
Taylor Huff
May 23, 2024

Precious Metals Pricing: Spot Price vs Physical Price

How does pricing work with physical gold?
Taylor Huff
May 7, 2024

Can I visit my metals at the vault?

Private vaulting facilities are beneficial for investors who don’t feel comfortable storing metals at their residence
Reid Parrish
April 30, 2024

Market Alert: Why are all these corporate executives selling their stock?

Key executives are selling off large amounts of their company stocks.
Taylor Huff
April 26, 2024

How Do I Liquidate My Gold and Silver?

The process to turn your gold or silver into cash when needed shouldn't be hard. In fact, it can often be much faster than selling a stock!
Taylor Huff
April 23, 2024

Market Alert: Does Gold's Rally & Silver's Sprint Signal Big Economic Shifts Ahead?

Watch out, inflation is heading in the wrong direction again. What now?
Taylor Huff
April 18, 2024

A Guide to Packing and Shipping Your Precious Metals

At My Gold Advisor, we're committed to making your experience with precious metals as smooth and secure as possible. As part of our attentiveness to...
Reid Parrish
April 2, 2024

Gold and Silver Distribution from US Mint

A common question I hear is, “How do I know the gold and silver bullion I buy is real and not fake?”Great question. One way is to just test it yourself using...
Taylor Huff
March 18, 2024