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Do you value- education first, instead of being sold, transparency over fuzzy double talk and candor vs. bait and switch, you’ll love working with us.

We will earn your trust and keep it for life.

➜ I believe every savvy investor should have some physical gold and silver as part of her portfolio. This is tangible wealth, not subject to confiscation, registration, or unwarranted intrusion by government.

➜ Real Physical Metals should be a core component of any well-balanced portfolio.

When we will spend some time discussing your strategy and philosophy so I can best offer advice to help you meet your needs and goals.  I insist on getting clear on your big picture goals first before we begin discussing gold and silver to purchase.

TRANSPARENCY – No Wizard behind the curtain

  • Your order is LOCKED & CONFIRMED in Real Time
  • When you want to buy or sell anything we will lock your price on the phone and give you a 6 digit lock confirmation number immediately.  No matter what the market does after that you have a guaranteed price and you can count on
  • The process of buying is outlined in the >> How to Buy << page.  You’ll also receive regular email updates from the time you place your order all the way to delivery day
  • HEDGING – I believe that physical precious metals are the ultimate insurance policy in today’s uncertain world. No other investment offers the same level of financial privacy, while completely eliminating counterparty risk. Physical precious metals do not depend on a court, a bank, or a stock exchange — their value is intrinsic and timeless.

Your Next Step… To set up a private strategy session with me please click below ☟to set an appointment time convenient for you.

Thank you and I look forward to personally speaking with you about your precious metals investments.

Damion Lupo
Chairman, CEO and Chief Global Strategist




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