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Savvy investors have been making gold and silver their safety assets for thousands of years. No matter the market ups and down, buying physical gold and silver has never been this easy, secure, and stress-free. We offer a wide range of highly sought-after precious metals at wholesale rates.

When you buy with us, you can rest assured you're getting only authentic metals of the highest purity - vetted and confirmed by experts. (Insurance included)

Now is the time to add precious metals to your portfolio!

Fortify your future: secure wealth management with My Gold Advisor & EQRP

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Step 1:Contact My Gold Advisor

First, reach out to our team at My Gold Advisor, who will help you build an allocation of metals based on your financial needs and goals. Our team can provide suggestions on types of bullion coins or bars and answer any and all questions you have about the physical ownership of precious metals. This step is most efficiently accomplished via phone call. You can reach us directly at 800-846-6280 or schedule your call here.

Step 2:Determine the Specifications of Your Order

Once you have determined the specifications of your order, our team will send you an email and text with the details of your purchase, including the total cost, shipping dates, and payment instructions.

Step 3:Pay For Your Order

For efficiency and utmost security, full payment will be made through a wire transfer to our Customer Trust Account using the instructions provided on your order confirmation. This preferred payment option guarantees the swift and secure transfer of larger sums, while also expediting the shipping process to bring your assets to you without delay. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during this step.

Step 4:Choose Shipping or Vaulting

We ship your order by UPS, fully insured, and at no extra cost to you. Processing orders takes 1-2 days, and shipping takes 2-3 days. If you don't want to take physical delivery, you can vault in one of our secure, double-insured, and regularly audited private vault locations. International vaulting is available upon request. Our team can assist you in selecting the option that best fits your needs.

...and that's not all!

We're proud to extend an extraordinary offer that will truly elevate your experience with complimentary lifetime vaulting when you do business with MGA or one of our sister companies once per year. Yes, you heard correctly! This benefit ensures that your precious metals are safeguarded in a cutting-edge private security vault, without any additional expense to you.

Our state-of-the-art vaulting facilities are meticulously designed and regularly audited to cater to your discerning tastes, offering you an unmatched level of convenience and security.

Most companies charge 0.50% of asset volume PER YEAR for vaulting services
- or - $500 for every $100,000 of assets. With us, we cover this for you.

Buyback Guarantee

We buy and pay top dollar for any type of coins or bars of gold and silver that you own.

We provide the shipping label (insurance included) for you to ship your metals back to MGA. Once received, payment is sent same day via wire transfer.

We offer same day wires for vaulted metals.

Rest assured that you always have a place to convert your metals back to cash, quickly and easily, in times of need.

My Gold Advisor offers unique liquidity options for gold and silver investors. The ability to borrow against your gold and silver using your purchased metals as collateral allows you to gain cash liquidity without selling your assets.

eQRP and My Gold Advisor

Experience the power of partnership:

The Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan, or eQRP for short, unlocks a new dimension of financial freedom, giving you the autonomy to invest your retirement funds directly into gold and silver through My Gold Advisor.

This unique partnership provides eQRP members with exclusive benefits including the option of using your pre-tax 401k money to buy, hold or sell precious metals, shielding you from economic events such as inflation. Secure your wealth with our expert insights, tailored strategies, and a community of investors dedicated to securing financial futures. Dive into a wealth of possibilities with eQRP and My Gold Advisor now!

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With the most knowledgeable advisors in the industry, My Gold Advisor is recognized as one of the leading precious metals companies in America. We will walk you through our easy process to regain control of your wealth with physical gold & silver. Everything that we recommend, from the philosophy down to the specific products, we take part in ourselves.
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