Our Story

For 50 years and counting, we've specialized in strategic precious metal investments and wholesale physical gold and silver investing. Investing in precious metals is a smart choice in today's unpredictable economic climate. We do, however, recognize that finding a reliable source for purchasing gold, silver, and other precious metals can be a daunting task.

That's where we come in. My Gold Advisor* was built on the understanding that your financial situation is unique and we're prepared to provide you with a hassle-free investment process, making it easier for you to confidently invest in precious metals.

Discover a world of coveted precious metals at your fingertips.

Unlock a vast collection of internationally recognized bullion, coins, and bars with the highest levels of purity. From iconic American Gold and Silver Eagles to Canadian Gold and Silver Maple Leafs, British Britannia's, and much more, we offer a diverse range of precious metals for your investment needs.

Unlike the countless dealers focused solely on being the cheapest option, we prioritize trust, integrity, and your financial security. We have earned our reputation through our unwavering commitment to these principles, avoiding price games and scams often associated with collectible coins. To enhance your convenience and peace of mind, we provide secure shipping services that deliver the bullion right to your doorstep, with insurance included at no extra cost to you. Owning physical metals serves as a powerful hedge against the devaluation of money, geopolitical uncertainties, and rampant spending.

Rest easy, knowing that your financial security is safeguarded in an ever-changing world. Explore the world of precious metals with us and take control of your financial future.

Embrace transparency and tailored solutions for your financial future.

At My Gold Advisor, transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of our commitment to you. We go beyond simply providing gold and silver; we offer personalized investment solutions designed to align with your unique financial goals. Our team of experts will collaborate closely with you to explore how owning physical gold and silver can seamlessly integrate into your overall financial strategy.

We firmly believe in the power of customization and reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach. Your financial aspirations are unique, and we respect that. With My Gold Advisor, you can trust that you will never be sold anything that doesn't perfectly align with your financial goals. Our mission is to provide you with a tailored solution that puts your secure financial future at the forefront.Experience the difference of working with a partner who values transparency, integrity, and personalization.

Join My Gold Advisor today and embark on a journey towards a brighter financial future that's tailored to you.

Our Philosophy

Every government on earth is debasing their currencies and for this reason we believe that gold and silver remain the most honest and accountable forms of money.

When financial uncertainty abounds, it becomes increasingly important to hold assets with value that cannot be diluted by government monetary policy. Gold and silver have been chosen as a store of value and unit of exchange for investors and large central banks for centuries. Combined, they are the most authentic forms of money since the dawn of civilization due to their inherent properties: rarity, durability, fungibility, divisibility, and portability.Owning physical metals that you control in hand or in a private vault is one of the smartest hedges against the incessant printing, spending, wars, and great reset coming.

Meet the Team

Here to help you take the next step toward financial success


Taylor Huff

President, MyGoldAdvisor®

Over the past 12 years of my career, I have pursued a path towards financial freedom that blends my passion for business and investing. My Gold Advisor is positioned at this intersection, enabling me to help individuals and families safeguard their hard-earned wealth.
As a trusted expert in the precious metals industry, I spend most of my time guiding investors on how they can easily protect their hard-earned wealth with physical Gold and Silver - safeguarding against the instability of fiat currency.
I also work closely with our eQRP team to move money out of Wall Street, and into a vehicle that empowers our clients to take control of their financial future.
I believe that financial empowerment is the key to unlocking a brighter future for all. That's why I'm committed to offering expert insights and strategic guidance to help investors create the financial future they deserve. Together, we can break free from the limitations of traditional investing, and unlock the potential of alternative investments to create a more secure financial future.

Damion Lupo

Chairman, MyGoldAdvisor®

Over the last 30 years, I've learned firsthand the harsh realities of the market and the impact it can have on one's financial security. My net worth plummeted from $20 million to a negative $5 million thanks to the 2008 real estate market crash. And just to add to the challenge, I faced major health issues that left me fighting for my life.
But I wasn't the only one who suffered. My retired parents were struggling too, as Wall Street investments failed to provide the retirement they deserved. It was then that I realized that the traditional investing system was broken, and I set out to create a solution.
That's how I founded the eQRP system - the only 401 (k) in America that empowers every individual to take control of their investments, and not just rely on Wall Street's so-called experts. With eQRP, you have the power to choose investment options that fit you and your unique needs. At My Gold Advisor, we understand the importance of investing in alternative assets, like precious metals, to secure your financial future.
Our goal is to empower you to direct your financial life outcome - and break free from the financial bondage created by Wall Street's broken system. Together we can achieve this.

eQRP and My Gold Advisor

Experience the power of partnership:

The Enhanced Qualified Retirement Plan, or eQRP for short, unlocks a new dimension of financial freedom, giving you the autonomy to invest your retirement funds directly into gold and silver through My Gold Advisor.

This unique partnership provides eQRP members with exclusive benefits including the option of using your pre-tax 401k money to buy, hold or sell precious metals, shielding you from economic events such as inflation. Secure your wealth with our expert insights, tailored strategies, and a community of investors dedicated to securing financial futures. Dive into a wealth of possibilities with eQRP and My Gold Advisor now!

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