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97% of our clients are by referral

Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, My Gold Advisor ™ specializes in strategic metals investments. We're a full service dealer in business since 1973, for over 45 years.

What we do for you:

  • Advise on IRA and 401k Gold purchases so you can LEGALLY take physical possession of Gold and Silver with your pre-tax 401k money
  • Offer all of the most common and liquid gold/silver bullion at competitive wholesale rates
  • Will buy and pay top dollar for any type of coins, bars and/or scrap gold or silver you have
  • Strategic advisory on gold and silver positioning relative to overall financial goals

WARNING: We are NOT the cheapest. There are hundreds of 1-800 dealers and Walmart type dealers fighting to be the cheapest options and playing games with prices. That's not who we are.

We take time to discuss your overall financial goals and make sure your metals position makes sense depending on whether it's more for hedging or speculation. Sometimes our products and services will fill a need you have but we don't have a one size fits all attitude and we will never sell you anything that isn't in your best interest.

Our private clients choose and stick with us because we are known for transparency and laser focused advisory, not pitches and prices.

This focus leads to deep trust.

What one client said in a recent letter to me:

"Damion is my financial go to guy and is that guy for many of the countries wealthiest families seeking financial advice and guidance, both on precious metals and global strategic planning. The elite come to Damion because he's been in the trenches of the global financial markets with his own money for decades and because of his uncanny ability to understand both complex markets and his clients' psychology around money."
T. Kuhn, Austin, TX

We want you to be a smart precious metals investor and because of that I wrote the "The Quick and Dirty Guide to Gold & Silver, the top 21 questions answered in 30 minutes," available on

We spend a great deal of time getting to know our private clients, your personal financial goals and investigating how owning physical gold and silver might make sense as a part of your overall strategy.

One of the unique services you'll have access to at My Gold Advisor is the QRP, a customized Total Control self directed Gold and Silver 401(k) plan that allows you the option to use your 401(k) or IRA money to buy and HOLD physical gold and silver. The book on the power of the QRP is available at

To schedule your precious metals strategy session please call 800-846-6280.

We look forward to serving you.